Viera West Home Sellers Save Thousands

Viera West Home Sellers Save Thousands

People familiar with the Space Coast and Brevard County FL are typically familiar with Viera. After all, it’s one of the largest, most popular communities in the region. And, Viera West is one of the most growth-centric of its areas. As a result, that makes it even more popular, with new subdivisions cropping up. That said, it’s become established as … Read More

Space Coast Home Seller Flat Listing Fee

Space Coast Home Sellers Flat Listing Fee

The Space Coast was in the news again, in a big way. And not surprisingly, it was SpaceX that helped draw attention to the area. In fact, it wasn’t just SpaceX. It was St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since the whole mission was all about the first civilians into orbit, it was also about their direct representation for the Hospital. … Read More

Space Coast Low Cost Home Seller Fees

On Florida’s Space Coast, you find lots to love in living, working, learning and playing. Although, even in such a great place as that, there comes a time for some to leave. Then, their focus falls on selling their homes. And, Brevard County Realty comes poised and ready to assist home sellers every step of the way, start to finish. … Read More

Your Brevard County Home Sold Fast

Brevard County includes a significant region of Florida’s central east coast. And, it stretches from Titusville and Rockledge to Melbourne. It also includes some of the most upscale and exclusive communities. Many of them may be found in Viera FL. Many others in Melbourne, to name some. The County is also home of the Space Coast, where you find Kennedy … Read More

Find Gracious Living Solutions Space Coast Style

What’s the latest in Space Age technology? How about the latest edge in gracious living? That’s something that never grows old. And, it’s always in demand. In fact, you find gracious living solutions Space Coast style, on Florida’s central east coast. Although, some may not be familiar with the area. That said, simply call to mind the Kennedy Space Center. … Read More

Sell Your Viera Brevard County Home Now

Did you know that Spring/Summer is one of the most prolific times of the year for home buying and selling? Although, many of you may already know that, many others do not. And, sellers especially should be aware of such a significant detail. In fact, there have been plenty of homes sold in the domestic market, over the course of … Read More

Home Selling Prospects Brevard County Style

Just about anywhere in Brevard County FL, right now, you find real estate markets primed with benefits in selling a home. And, that becomes more evident when you look at active home listings. They are as diverse as the local markets where you find them. In fact, they range from moderately sized, single family, one story homes, to large, luxury, … Read More

Hot Florida Brevard County Properties

Great News for Home Selling Brevard County Style

When people think of Florida, they may well have a specific area in mind. And, that may be due to having been there, or hearing of it. As a result, it makes a lasting impression. Also, Florida often does that. After all, it is one of the most visited states in the Union. In fact, one of its most popular … Read More

2021 Buyer 25 Percent Rebate Program

2021 kicked off with plenty of wow factor and fanfare. Although, here at Brevard County Realty, we want to kick it off with some of the best in service and savings. That’s why we are proud to offer a 2021 buyer 25 percent rebate program. Yes, that’s right. Home buyers can receive as much as 25 percent cash back at … Read More

Space Coast Home Sellers Save On Costs

Your Brevard County Home Sold Fast

The stats are in, and NASA had the most watched and commented on event than any other by far, a few days ago. And, most people know what that was. Of course, the SpaceX/NASA joint effort to take astronauts to the ISS, from U.S. soil was a success, in U.S. made equipment. As a result, the Space Coast is all … Read More