Space Coast Home Sellers Save On Costs

The stats are in, and NASA had the most watched and commented on event than any other by far, a few days ago. And, most people know what that was. Of course, the SpaceX/NASA joint effort to take astronauts to the ISS, from U.S. soil was a success, in U.S. made equipment. As a result, the Space Coast is all … Read More

Home Sellers Hold Some Real Estate Sway

In the wake of a lot of stock market uncertainties recently, the real estate market got the plunge in mortgage interest rates. And, for both homeowners and buyers, that was a silver lining. It still is. In fact, incredibly low interest rates are great news of home sellers. Since, buyers are incentivized to snag these rates, they also want to … Read More

Selling Your Viera FL Home Now

Thinking of selling your Viera FL home now? Although, do you want to avoid risk and high cost? And, are you hoping to find a low commission rate, without sacrificing quality service? Well, how about some good news? In fact, Brevard County Realty  can assist you with not only the sale of your home now, but we can do it … Read More

Space Coast Home Sellers Flat Fee Listing

Space Coast Home Sellers Save on Costs

Home sellers, have you heard of a flat fee listing program? And, have you ever heard of one that includes robust, quality services, at the lowest flat fee ever?! It fact, it isn’t a pipe dream. You can find it, if you own a home on the Space Coast. Although, that’s a big place. Where exactly is it? Well, simply … Read More

Top Quality Low Cost Top Dollar Home Sales

Space Coast Home Sellers Flat Fee Listing

Plenty of challenges come with selling a home. Although, the process can also come with some high points. And, while getting top dollar is an obvious one, there are definitely a few others to make a home seller’s day. In fact, if you ask any homeowner with the idea of selling in mind, they’ll say pretty much the same thing. … Read More

Flat Fee Home Selling Services

Who ever heard of a flat fee for selling a home? Usually with realtors, they take a percentage. And, that’s what you expect. In fact, the fee is usually around 6%. As a result, a flat fee for selling a home, well that’s pretty unheard of. Although, in spite of its rarity, it does exist. It’s just a matter of … Read More

Find Top Home Seller Services at Low Costs

Did you ever imagine, when selling a home, how great it would be if everything went pretty smoothly, from the start? And, did you ever imagine how great that would be with moderate costs involved? Well, if you can envision that, it just might be possible. Although, the way to find low cost top home seller services centers on good … Read More

Home Sellers Enjoy Holiday Savings

Home Sellers Enjoy Holiday Savings

Do you plan to sell a home in Brevard County FL? Do you have doubts about doing in now, with a minimum of fuss, during the holidays? No worries! You can get the ball rolling, and roll with plenty of savings right now. Although, you may ponder exactly how, since it’s rarely a reality to find amazing cost savings, especially … Read More

What Home Sellers Want Most

Low Commission Sellers Plan

What’s the most a home seller can ask for from a realtor? Chances are it would include top notch, professional services. Although, it would also include moderate costs. In fact, these two factors come down to the best of both worlds. As a result, moderate costs and high quality services pretty much cover what home sellers want most in the … Read More

Full Real Estate Service for Flat Fee

Do you plan to sell your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a real estate agent who provides quality services? And at the same time, wouldn’t it be nice to find those services for a flat fee? In fact, that should sound better than nice. It should sound great. Although, while it’s something most every home seller want, it’s … Read More