Top Real Estate Services With Low Commission

Nothing may challenge a home seller more than making the right decision on how to sell their home and an asking price. Although, knowing how to sell a home may ultimately be the most challenging. In fact, while home sellers in today’s market are fairly savvy, they know enough not to rely solely on themselves to complete the process. And … Read More

Space Coast Home Sellers Robust Market

We hear plenty of talk lately about the economy. Although, if anything is clear, it’s that what we are hearing may not be based heavily on actual performance. Of course, the Fed plays a key role interjecting, for our economy. At the same time, we know, not as ‘an end-all-be-all’. As a result, we ought to take a little time … Read More

Space Coast Home Sellers Save Thousands

Selling a home these days takes plenty of skill. At the same time, it has become something of an art. In fact, there’s often complexities and challenges that face most sellers. And, that includes many on the Space Coast. It’s a place that has grown, with exciting new features in gracious living. New neighborhoods, great homes and much more have … Read More

Home Seller Flexible Low Commission

Lots of things must come together in planning and moving through the home selling process. And, those involved need to know what to do. They need to know when to do it, for the desired results. In fact, there is simply no substitute for following those few, golden rules, when it comes to selling a home. As a result, that … Read More

Adventures in Space Coast Home Selling

Did you happen to hear about the latest launch at the Kennedy Space Center? And, did you hear it was quite a success, for the first SpaceX government mission? Even if you haven’t, no worries. Simply enough to know plenty is happening in the Space Program, while things are ‘looking up’ on the Space Coast. In fact, if you are … Read More

Why Sell a Viera FL Home Now

Many homeowners may be thinking about selling their Viera, Florida home. Although, they may still be wondering if now, or sometime later would be the best time. And, while they are committed to selling, it’s wondering about how to interpret signs in the market that helps fuel their hesitance. At the same time, it may those very signs that fuel … Read More

Why Selling a Home Now Makes Perfect Sense

Interest in the Space Coast, Brevard County area of Florida is on the rise, with a number of factors in mind. Although, they don’t preclude the fact that this part of the east coast is just lovely and livable! Now, to the point made, interest factors include a rise in Space Program projects and subsequent employee relocations. Also, factors include … Read More

Space Coast Homes and Neighborhoods

If there was ever a time when making the Florida Space Coast would be a great call, it’s right now. Why? Well for one, things are popping. You know all eyes are on the Space Program, and it’s roaring to life around Kennedy Space Center. Although, many eyes are also on the real estate industry, as it roars into life, … Read More

Saving Space Coast Home Sellers Thousands

Thinking of selling your Space Coast FL home? Now might just be the best time for moving ahead with your plans. Why? Since the Fed signaled it plans no fixed mortgage interest rate hikes, buyers have more incentive. Not only that, but Space Program projects and activities have heightened. And, they’ve spurred job transfers and employee relocation prospects to the … Read More

Space Coast Treasure Trove of Homes

In Florida, you have the Treasure Coast, and you have the Space Coast. Also on one, you can find real treasure, from old Spanish ship wrecks. Although, on the other, you can find treasure of a different kind. In fact, the Space Coast holds a treasure for our future. Its unprecedented and successful projects, on the new frontier have been … Read More