Get the Most From the Holidays Putting Safety First

Happy Holiday Home Buying

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s all come together this time of year and give us a festive and joyous season to reflect and enjoy. At the same time, a hectic and rushed aspect often accompanies the holidays. It brings the opportunity for many distractions and a feeling of being pulled in different directions at once. We make plans, decorate, cook, shop and work… and while most of the time it’s a great time, it can quickly turn into a chaotic situation. We want to avoid the stress, confusion and frenzy, so how do we when it can seem like it is all around us? Remember the true spirit of the season, and make that your first priority. Then, get the most from the holidays putting safety first.

Get the Most From the Holidays Putting Safety First In the True Spirit of the Season

Get the Most From the Holidays Putting Safety FirstWe don’t want to be subject to the confusion that can overwhelm some during this time of year. We want to take the pressure off and can do that by setting our priorities. We can handle each activity methodically, one at a time. That could be a little harder for more spontaneous types, but the pay off is Big. We pay more quality time, attention and care as we go about our activities. We get the most from the holidays putting safety first in the true spirit of the season. We become free of the robbers of peace and joy – stress and confusion.

Another important factor of safety deals with flesh and blood robbers. They want to steal our goods and peace of mind, especially this time of year. They see bushels of advantage in all the confusion and hurried shopping. We want to get the most from the holidays putting safety first and can do that most gracefully by letting the true spirit of the holidays in. We can deliver robbers lots of disappointment putting true holiday spirit and safety first!

These are some great safety tips to follow when you are around town and at home, courtesy of Denise Sabol, Broker/Owner, Brevard County Realty.

Denise and her whole team wish you a wondrous and safe holiday season!

Avoid driving alone or at night when you can.
Keep your car doors locked and windows closed, in or out of your car.
Make sure your alarm is set or use an anti-theft device.
When you need to park, do it as close to your destination as possible.
Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows. At night, pick a well-lit spot.
Have your keys ready, and put packages in the trunk as soon as you can.
Keep an eye out for any suspicious people and activity.

Get the most from the holidays putting safety first around the house. Burglars look for easy entry, easy escape. Don’t give it to them. Keep your doors and windows closed and locked when not in active use. When you are away for awhile, don’t let that look apparent. Avoid tempting burglars with Christmas displays in big windows easily accessed from the road.

More safety tips provided by the Melbourne FL Police Dept.