Should I Move To Florida? 10 Benefits on Moving To Florida

We get asked often from relatives, friends, and out of towners the common questions~ Should I move to Florida? Is Florida a good place to live? Maybe you have been asking yourself these sorts of questions lately? If so, you’re not alone at all. Every day, the Sunshine State attracts hundreds of newcomers to its sandy shores – and it’s not hard to see why. No state income tax, sunny weather, awesome beaches, affordability and exciting attractions make it a particularly interesting place to live. Here are 10 insightful benefits of moving to Florida.

    1. Most of the year expect sunshine and warmth

      Why are so many people moving to Florida? For the weather, of course! With more than 200 sunshine-filled days a year, Florida offers newcomers exceptionally warm and sunny weather. Despite the hot and humid summers, Florida seasons tend to be mostly mild and warm. Those living in the southern portion of the Sunshine State will likely never need more than a sweater during the winter. Take Miami, for example. The average winter temperature ranges from 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, the temperature tops off at 90 degrees.

    2. There is no state income tax in Florida

      Want to save money on taxes? Move to Florida. The state is one of the few in the nation that doesn’t require its residents to pay state income taxes. While you’ll still have to pay sales and property taxes, your overall state tax burden in Florida will be much less than in most other states. As a result, you’ll be able to save more of your hard-earned money for entertainment, vacations and belongings.

    3. Florida beaches are fantastic

      Life really is a beach in Florida. Residents have access to some of the world’s best and most beautiful beaches right outside their doors. Well-known and award-winning beaches in Florida include Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota, Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Panama City Public Beach, Grayton Beach, and St. George Island – just to name a few. Of course, you can spend your day sunbathing on sugar sand, but you can also play beach volleyball, fish from the shore, or go for a scenic jog. On the water, you can kayak, standup paddle board, swim and boat.

    4. Florida is a great place to retire

      If your working days are behind you, the state ranks among the most retirement-friendly in the nation. Not only does Florida forgo state income tax but it also doesn’t tax retirement income such as Social Security benefits. And, it doesn’t have estate and inheritance taxes. It’s such a great place for retirees that eight Florida cities— Melbourne, Sarasota, Naples, Daytona Beach, Tampa, Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie, and Pensacola—dominate U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 best places to retire. Viera, a popular up & coming city is also brimming with New 55+ Communities new retirees are flocking to.

    5. There’s so much to do outdoors (and indoors!)

      There’s no shortage of things to do in Florida. Thanks to the 200-plus days of sunshine a year, residents are able to spend much of their time outdoors partaking in everything from water sports to cultural experiences. Popular water activities in Florida include swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing. Residents also have easy access to a number of attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios. Miami’s many art deco-inspired hotels and restaurants, along with the city’s annual Art Basel event, offer plenty to do as well.

    6. Living in Florida won’t break the bank

      Looking to get more bang for your buck in terms of housing and day-to-day services? Move to Florida. While the cost of living in Florida’s major cities, such as Miami, can be on the higher end, but areas within Brevard County and surrounding are an excellent choice compared to many other U.S. states. Goods and services, healthcare, and housing in Florida all fall below the national average.

      If you want to move to a Florida city with a low cost of living, contact one of our agent for a complete guide to Florida’s cost of living index guide.

    7. Housing is affordable

      Depending on where you move in the state, you can find very affordable housing. For example, the median listing home price in Jacksonville is currently $279,000 and the median listing home price in Tallahassee is $249,900, according to Of course, you’ll pay much more for a home in Miami, Destin, and other coastal cities. And, because Florida is such a popular place to relocate to right now, there are bidding wars that are driving prices increasingly higher. Still, you can find a house for much less than the national median sales price of around $430k .

    8. It’s easy to find a job

      Florida has one of the nation’s largest GDPs (gross domestic products). In fact, the state’s GDP equals roughly that of the entire country of Mexico. Not surprisingly, it takes a lot of employees to run an economy of that magnitude, and jobs are plentiful. Top industries include aviation, cleantech, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, and distribution as well as tourism. Admittedly, the jobs aren’t always high-paying ones. However, if you have a degree or experience in an in-demand industry, you should have no problem finding a good job in Florida.

    9. You can vacation where you live

      If you live in Florida, you’ll never have to travel for vacation again. The state’s many beaches, theme parks and attractions mean there are hundreds of vacation (read: staycation) options for you – all within a few hours’ drive. From the secluded sandy beaches along the Coast to the family-friendly theme parks of Disney World, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting places to visit in your own state.

    10. It’s easy to get away, too

      When you do want to vacation out of state, Florida makes travel easy. Because the state is on the east coast, you can shave hours off a flight to Europe. Florida is also a great starting point for trips to Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. Additionally, Miami is recognized as the “Cruise Capital of the World” and serves as the homeport for more than 20 cruise lines, including such lines as Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Oceania Cruises, Princess, Disney, and Regent Seven Seas.


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