Low Commission Sellers Plan

What Home Sellers Want Most

Low Commission Sellers PlanNot only does Brevard County Realty currently offer a home sellers flat fee listing plan, they offer a low commission sellers plan. And, you can take that to the bank. Since it’s set to save sellers thousands of dollars, it’s a blockbuster. Although, just how much does a seller stand to save? Well, how about as low as 4.5%? As a result, they can pay as low as, an unheard of, realtor commission rate. Then, watch the savings open up to full quality real estate services, at the same time. In fact, this low commission sellers plan shouldn’t be taken lightly. It has all the makings of a total, win-win. After all, where else can you find not only major savings in commission, you can find it with the kind of service you would expect from pricey realtor rates.

Low Commission Sellers Plan Plus Full Quality Real Estate Services

Full quality, top notch real estate services comes to you from Brevard County Realty not only as part of their mega cost savings plan. They come to you as part of a company philosophy rooted in excellence. And, that philosophy spills over to everything they do throughout the County, Space Coast and scores of fine communities like Viera. Anything less goes out the window.  As a result, you can enjoy peace of mind and confidence in choosing a real estate service tailor-made for your best interests!

It’s not often that a low commission sellers plan finds its way onto the scene. Although, with the Brevard County Realty team, you’ll find it’s a part of business as usual. Also, you’ll find its full quality full service features simply indispensable. After all, it’s as low as 4.5%, in a flexible commission plan, With top notch professional services, from start to finish. That sounds like a win-win. And, the team loves making their clients happy!

If your Brevard County real estate needs attention and the right sellers plan, get the right attention. In fact, find the best attention and save thousands, at the same time. Why not give the team a call today?