Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the MLS?

A. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a cooperative marketing system which allows professional Realtors® to share information about real estate for sale. It is the most powerful marketing tool for a homeowner to sell their home. Regardless of which company an agent works for, he or she has access to the same data base through their local board of Realtors®.

Q. How will I Save thousands with your 4.5% Full Service Plan?

A. Let’s assume your home sells for $300,000. Total commission is calculated as follows: $300,000 x 4.5% = $13,500. The cooperating realtor receives 2.5% and Brevard County Realty receives 2.0%. Now, let’s compare the savings over a traditional 6% broker. The commission on a $300,000 sale with 6% commission would be $18,000 ($300,000 x 6% – $18,000) Your savings would be $4,500. ($18,000 – $13,500 = $4,500).

Q. How long does it take to be listed on the MLS?

A. The same day you list with Brevard County Realty, your property will be entered on to the MLS.

Q. What is

A. is a website that loads all of its listings directly from every MLS. This allows Real Estate Agents and perspective home buyers to view listings nationwide. is the official Internet site for the National Association of Realtors.’s 1.6 million home listings are provided by 603 participating Realtor Multiple Listing Services (MLS). Therefore, to have your home featured with a color photograph and all pertinent information on, you must first list your property for sale in the MLS. Your property will be Showcased 2-3 days after your listing has been made active

Q. Will my listing show on the internet and all the major real estate companies’ websites?

A. Yes, no matter which plan you choose your property is listed on the same MLS as any other Real Estate Company, such as, ReMax, ERA, Keller Williams or Century 21 along with all the other major websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Q. Do you provide a lock box?

A. Yes, we provide a Supra electronic lockbox for all our listings.

Q. How will I know if my property is listed with all of the correct information?

A. You will receive a copy of your MLS listing and you may make any changes you like, provided the changes are acceptable to the rules and regulations of the local MLS and Board of Realtors

Q.Will agents with buyers boycott my listing because I am saving so much money?

A. No. Agents want to find a home that meets their buyer’s needs as quickly as possible, as long as they get paid a competitive commission for bringing the buyer. It is extremely rare that an agent would refuse to show a home that pays them a competitive commission and meets their buyer’s needs. Remember, you set the commission rate on the listing agreement, when you list your property. We put that information into the MLS and that is how Realtor® knows what you are offering.

It is more common for an agent who hopes to list your home themselves (for 6%) to say that agents won’t show your home to their buyers.

A recent article written by a Realtor Association Attorney states: “Two or more firms should never agree to refuse to deal with or cooperate on less favorable terms with another competitor (usually a discount broker) or attempt to drive such competitor out of business. Boycotts such as these are illegal. Nothing can be done to intimidate “discounters” so that they will abandon their alternative marketing strategies. You should never indicate that other brokers would not do business with the discount firm.”