2021 Buyer 25 Percent Rebate Program

2019 Buyers 35 Percent Rebate Program

2021 kicked off with plenty of wow factor and fanfare. Although, here at Brevard County Realty, we want to kick it off with some of the best in service and savings. That’s why we are proud to offer a 2021 buyer 25 percent rebate program. Yes, that’s right. Home buyers can receive as much as 25 percent cash back at closing. And from our standpoint, that’s some of the biggest news and wow factor, for the new year. After all, when do you ever hear of realtors providing up to 25% cash back for home buyers? In fact, it’s generally unheard of. At the same time, Brevard County Realty purposefully stands out, above the crowd, with just that kind of special.

Brevard County 2021 Buyer 25 Percent Rebate Program

We are totally committed to our 2019 Brevard County buyers rebate program. Also, we are excited about being able to provide something as extensive and beneficial as this to home buyers. In fact, they have a variety of levels available. All of these levels include thousands in cash back rebates. The amount simply depends on the level. To find out what the levels are, Have a look at the buyers rebate program details.

At Brevard County Realty, we’re also proud to include full quality, real estate services for whatever the level and cash back criteria. For us, it’s not enough to provide great cash back returns. We firmly support our buyer rebate program with top notch services. In fact, our services include years of experience. They include keen home buying instincts and skill. As a result, home buyers can rely, with confidence on us through each step of the buying process. Then, they can enjoy the icing on the cake, receiving thousands of $$$s back at closing.

If you want to buy a home somewhere in Brevard County FL, connect with the best solution for service and cost savings. Connect with Brevard County Realty. Take advantage of a 2021 Buyer 25 Percent Rebate Program. That’s exactly how much percentage of commission you can receive back. (See Brevard County Rebate Breakdown.) Why not give us a call today?