Sell and Save

We KEEP more money in YOUR pocket without sacrificing service.

Brevard County Realty realizes that people are becoming increasingly more concerned with saving money in today’s economy. We KEEP more money in YOUR pocket without sacrificing service.


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At Brevard County Realty, while we save you thousands of dollars, we do not stop providing our clients with service founded on absolute integrity and honesty. We also know that providing great service costs us nothing, yet is invaluable to our clients. Business is a long-term commitment and we intend to be successful based on our reputation and vision of the future.

The internet and technology have reduced much labor intensive, time consuming tasks that agents would have undertaken years ago. With Multiple Listing Exposure and a property that is competitively priced based on condition and location a timely sale will occur.

We realize that while our client representation and advice are invaluable in a homes sales transaction, we can not justify charging excessive rates in this day and age.With a low company overhead, no franchise fees and the changes in technology we felt it necessary to provide reasonable commissions and first-class service with no hidden fees or gimmicks. Give us a call today for a no-obligation home market analysis. You have nothing to lose and think about all the SAVINGS YOU WILL GAIN!